Award Winning Quality

We have grown hundreds of strains and phenotypes over the years, carefully selecting the healthiest plants that exhibit the best traits of our desired characteristics.

Naturally Grown

Natural soil enhances the  physiology of our plants, creating the perfect environment for cultivating the visual appeal, smell, taste and  texture of our strains.

Trusted Service

We bring our blooming flowers to the height of their maturity to allow the weight, aroma, color and potency of our plants to fully develop in the final weeks before harvesting.


Huge selection of cannabis products in all varieties!

Top Shelf Strains

We have a wide variety of top shelf medical and recreational strains for thsoe who prefer smoking.

Infused Products

Malibu CC carries a large selection of infused products and edibles for people who prefer alternatives to smoking.

Cannabis Light Caviar

Cannabis Caviar is marijuana flower infused with hash or concentrated THC, a rare smoking specialty! 

Our Team

Our diverse team is made up of community leaders

Michael Sutton

Michael Sutton is a pioneer in this cannabis movement and has been since 2009; Sutton first learned of the healing powers of Cannabis back in ’94 while doing extensive research for his Emmy-nominated portrayal of “Stone Cates” on ABC’s General Hospital. Stone took the shows six million viewers through a groundbreaking emotional rollercoaster ride battling HIV and Aids for the first time on network television. General Hospital won the Daytime EMMY, and Sutton learned first hand that cannabis was indeed a medicine. Through filming a parallel ABC documentary called “Positive A Journey into Aids,” which chronicled Sutton’s research for the role, allowing him access to AIDS hospices, doctors, nurses and patients. Sutton repeatedly was told in conducting weekly interviews with patients how if it were not for cannabis patients could NOT manage their pain, nausea from other trial prescription drugs like AZT nor regain their appetite. Patients swore to him by their cannabis. It was with that learned insight that allowed Sutton to be receptive to partnering with a best friend, NBA star Cuttino Mobley who pioneered them into this new healing frontier. Together Mobley and Sutton have secured the most state licenses on the East Coast (5 in total) Four in the State of Maine – Wellness Connection, in the cities of Brewer, Portland, Hallowell and Thomaston and one in Rhode Island – Summit Compassion Center in Warwick. Sutton is also a founding partner of Humboldt Indoor, Humboldt outdoor and Humboldt Extractions

Cuttino Mobley

Former 11 year NBA star Cuttino Mobley was the catalyst into identifying and pioneering the medical marijuana investment opportunities. He secured the most state licenses on the East Coast (5), Wellness Connection of Maine (4), and SummitCompassion Center in Rhode Island (1). Established in 2011, Wellness Connection of Maine operates 4 of Maine’s state-licensed medical cannabis (marijuana)dispensaries in Brewer, Hallowell, Portland and ThomastonMobley attended the University of Rhode Island where he helped lead the Rams team to an Elite Eight appearance in the1998 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament. After graduating with a B.A. in Communication Studies, Mobley was selected in the Second Round (41st overall) of the 1998 NBA Draft by the Houston Rockets. Starting at the shooting guard position, he and Steve Francis formed one of the NBA’s elite scoring backcourts. He signed a five-year US $42 million deal with the Clippers on July 14, 2005. Mobley is also a founding partner of Humboldt Indoor, Humboldt outdoor and Humboldt Extractions.